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Recently, while following the coursera course on reactive programming and especially Erik Meijer’s introduction to Scala I’ve got interested in some monad types Scala has to offer. What monads are, has already extensively been described on the web. For example Wes Dyer or Eric Lippert offer excellent explanations.
In the following posts I want to have a closer look at Scala’s Option and how it could be ported to C#. The amplification (a term coined in Wes Dyer’s blog post) behind Option is nothing new to C# developers: For a certain type it either holds some or none value of that type. A functionality which is already available with the class Nullable of T in C#. Unfortunately Nullable of T is restricted to value types – It cannot be used with reference types. Of course people have written their own Nullable implementations which allow T to be a reference type as well but my goal is to learn about the inner mechanics of such a Nullable/Maybe/Option type rather than re-using an existing one.

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